About Us

Eric Gallman II has an Ivy League Degree from Cornell SC Johnson College of Business in the School of Hotel Administration, the world's premier hospitality management school. He also has a Masters in Management from Fuqua's school of Business at Duke University. All while competing in Football to maximize all of his dreams. 

The greatness he has achieved to this day came first from an expectation. And an expectation of greatness. This expectation that he has is similar to the truth found in ancient text no matter the religion or creed. Which states the first step towards anything worth while in life is an expectation of faith before you get started. 

Expect Greatness is a brand that promotes Expecting Greatness in everything you do. One achieves greatness by controlling their thoughts and emotions and being present in each moment. You must expect the best from yourself regardless of circumstances, people’s opinions, and what may seem to be "impossible".

Greatness takes commitment.
Greatness takes discipline.
Greatness takes passion.

Expect Greatness in your life so that you may accomplish ALL of your dreams.

Expect it.